Events & Specials

Facebook Live Lunch'n WatchYour chance to chat live with us and our guests, every Wednesday at 12:15 pm MT.

- November 18: We are excited to talk with Ashley Nickolai of  WY Food Bank of the Rockies at this important time of year about their programs to address hunger!

- November 25: Please join us for a very special Thanksgiving celebration with Amanda Kanashiro of Eat at Our Table. We invite our friends to send your own holiday photos or recipes to info@gemcityfinefoods, and we will share during our live stream!

- December 2: We chat with Chef Baby Jason, Jason Silverman, personal and private chef and cooking instructor, about his path from NYC to Tampa Bay and some of his favorite dishes. 

- December 9: Flour Power is our topic today, at your request. We will review a few options right in the kitchen!

- December 16: Join us in a special tour of our favorite holiday place to stay- Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City! 

Other Events:

  • November 26- December 31
  • Holiday Mile Fitness Challenge! It's Team Gem City's 3rd year. Use pwd GemCityonthePlains2020 when you register to join our team!