Wrapping Up Food Allergy Awareness Week

Wrapping Up Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 15 , 2020

It's Friday afternoon, and almost time to quit for the weekend. Sort of. Some of us never really just go home and leave our jobs behind. By choice, of course.

We've been busy this week, sampling new Minis and discussing tweaks to recipes and ingredients. They will still be clean- no chemical or artificial additives or preservatives- but the banana bread doesn't quite have enough banana flavor yet- and according to a couple of us outliers, has too many chocolate chips. The coffee cake is still a little dry, and the recipe we've decided to adopt will be topped with a streusel crumble in the next iteration. Whitney, our fabulous Baker, whose third anniversary with us we'll celebrate next week, has finally nailed the moisture content in the carrot cake, and is playing with different spices now. And more. Are you hungry yet? We are!

We held our first Facebook Live video on Wednesday, in honor of FARE's Top 9-Free Meal Challenge for Food Allergy Awareness Week. Lisa and Dianna were online to talk the Challenge and Minis, and to answer questions. And there was quite a bit of chatter about how people are getting their grocery shopping done these days in various locations. 

Lisa sailed through the day on the Challenge, replacing the usual eggs for breakfast with creamy steel cut oats with maple syrup and golden raisins, and by abstaining from adding shredded cheese to her carnitas tacos at dinner time. Still, we all know that being limited to what we eat for health reasons can be daunting, and an opportunity to act in solidarity with the celiac and food allergic community was a welcome exercise. 

While FAAW is wrapping up tomorrow, we'd like to point you to FARE's Covid-19 Resources.

We will do more Facebook Live sessions, what we've termed Lunch'N Watch, every other Wednesday at 12:15pm MT, with the next occurring on May 27, and a special behind-the-scenes tour of the bakery on June 24. Please stay tuned, and please let us know what questions you'd like answered, or what topics covered in the future. A quick Facebook message or email will get you heard. (See our About Us page for contact info.)

In other news, we received notice from the lab this morning that our Vegan Chocolate Cake and Cupcakes passed the ambient shelf life test at 30 days! So what does that mean, you ask? You may find either or both of those items on the bakery table one of these days when you visit your local food store, rather than in the freezer or cooler. And when you buy at the store or online, you can feel OK about leaving the cake or cupcakes out on the counter- as long as they are covered, of course. 

That's not all from us, but it's been a big week for others too. We're thrilled to be working with our distributors that are bringing people back to work. This shows that there is work to be done, despite mixed reviews on the various aspects of reopening around the country. In Utah, where our bakery is located, the orange alert has been moved to yellow, the next stage in a phased in approach to reopening. In Wyoming, where our administrative offices are located, restaurants can open again, with precautions in place including face masks on restaurant employees and six feet of distance between occupied tables, with six people maximum gathered at a table. The requisite increase in street traffic has accompanied these lifts in restrictions of movement. 

How does reopening look where you live? We'd love to hear from you. 

On that note, it's time to wrap up and get organized before leaving for the weekend. Whatever your plans are, we hope your weekend is relaxing and that you are well. 

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