"Work is the curse..."

"Work is the curse..."

Jan 06 , 2021

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." - Oscar Wilde

This quote appeared in my email box this morning on a daily update. Food for thought- or drink for thought?

It's a new year, we all know, but changing one wall calendar out for a new one and getting accustomed to dating written documents with a new number are not activities that mean everything is automatically different. We are awaking to another close Senate election tally in Georgia and a mobilization of protestors to our nation's capital, where the electoral college certification is scheduled to take place today. Bullying has become the norm in our country. This is IMHO, and not a statement on the part of Gem City Fine Foods, but we are a company that thrives in a community often not served well- those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and food allergies. Those making the business and financial decisions for our company place our employees at the top of the priority list for opportunities to grow and earn more- in both paycheck and professional toolbox. We would be fools to close our eyes to the inequality, inequity, and just plain unfairness we see around us every day. We want to make the world better- through sweet treats and thoughtful actions.

Back to the quote of the day. Do you love your job? Does everyone at Gem City Fine Foods love their job? Not every moment of every day, no. Last month I stepped into Randy's office as he was working through some figures to get our recipes all correctly entered into our Flexibake computer program. This is a part of his job he really does not enjoy, much like I do not enjoy attending sales meetings dominated by men who would rather brush past me and go straight to the top. (I am the top, but that doesn't matter to some- speaking of inequality and unfairness.)

But we love our company, and our team, and the people we serve in the end. I enjoy a drink at the end of the day. And I enjoy knowing that during the day I am working for a good cause. I hope you all do as well. 

Happy new year! Much has not changed with the flip of the calendar page, but that just means there is much we can continue to work toward.


Lisa Cox is CEO/ SVP Sales & Marketing. Her opinions are her own.

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