Who Is Your Team?

Who Is Your Team?

Jan 15 , 2020

If you are a sports fan, like some of us at the Gem City Fine Foods, you may find yourself engaging in a certain type of communication on game day: armchair coaching, standing in front of the TV yelling, driving hundreds of miles to watch your team in a bowl game, picking on your pals over whose team will win... That is if you are an observer, rather than a participant.

But are you just observing? Engaging in those behaviors is a sort of participation, right? For instance, when we post on social media about upcoming demos, we have fans in some regions of the country not heavily represented by our desserts who have tried them elsewhere and want them! And those fans weigh in with comments. 

Which we love! We consider our fans participants in our brand, and we love the armchair prodding. It helps us know where to focus in next to work on getting our desserts to the fans. 

And then there are the teams on which we participate: with our distributor and retail partners, battling the well-deserved competitor to get our product into the cooler ahead of them... and within our company itself.

Our whole team operates in two different locations. You could call us Team Utah and Team Wyoming, but we form a much more cohesive Team Gem City Fine Foods together.

At the end of the year, Team Wyoming travels to West Valley City to join Team Utah for a week at the bakery. It's always a busy time, and no lie, some years have been better than others for whatever reason. We get to stay at Little America and watch the woman at the top of the company chart become a little girl gushing at all the Santas. We eat lunch together, either opting for take out from a usual haunt or trying something new as a team. This year we held our first Open House, and all worked together to clean, set up, decorate and host. Our teammates who come in early in the morning to work a full day opted to stay after hours to be part of the event.

And when Team Wyoming left West Valley City, the 6-hour drive back across Wyoming on a desolate I-80 was filled with chatter about the future and the team we have in place, ready for 2020 and a clear vision ahead. 

We are a TEAM. And we are thrilled to have so many people on our team, whether business partner or celiac dessert lover. 

This seems like a good time to thank everyone on our team, especially for those of us football fans who are looking forward to Super Bowl LIV. No matter whether you are rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs to make it all the way, like those of us fans on Team Wyoming, you are on our team, and we won't even kick you off if your football team beats ours. 

Thanks for being part of the team.

Go Chiefs!

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