Weddings and Time

Weddings and Time

Aug 17 , 2021

This past weekend there was a wedding. There were probably many weddings, but the wedding of note was special. Sure, they are all special! But this one was my first officiating, and the ceremony for a young couple of friends very dear to my heart, so much that I call them "my kids." 

A small group of friends and family traveled to the Snowy Range in Southeastern Wyoming and camped out over the weekend. Aside from thunderstorms that rolled through while we were cozy in our tents Saturday night, the weather was perfect: sunshine, a little breeze, and we had beautiful views for the ceremony. 

And a Flourless Chocolate Torte for the wedding cake! Mike and Steph both love this thing, and they are not even gluten free! And it tasted wonderful with champagne. Mmm... We all stood around a small camp table draped in a beautiful lace cloth Steph had brought, and enjoyed a little feast while reminiscing and talking of the future, too. 

Why am I sharing this with you? To put a reminder bug in your ear that our 6 inch desserts are a great option for special occasions? Not really. You already know that, right? 

It has been a roller coaster year for our bakery. You know that, too. And I was getting burnt out. I haven't taken a vacation in over two years. And even though I had to take a brief trip back to town to provide a piece of information to FDA for our recent mislabel recall, that three nights in the mountains, including solo time for me and Finnin, chasing the shade with a lawn chair and reading magazines on Friday afternoon, valuable time with good friends, walks up to the top of the ridge to greet the sun in the mornings, and walks to babbling brooks and little lakes in the afternoons to cool off, and of course the wedding!... That three nights was precious.

How important is your job? How effective are you if you don't take time away? Don't worry! I feel like I am rebooted for a while, until I get to October. I am determined to take an entire week off that month. Where will I go? I don't know yet, though I have some ideas, and welcome yours.

Meanwhile, I hope you are taking time off, precious time for yourself with your friends and family and even just you. Rebooting. With a Gem City torte or cheesecake, even! And while you're surfing social media, keep an eye out for our latest contest, the brainchild of our fabulous Marketing and Social Media Assistant Jesse. He'll be asking you to comment on the contest post with a photo of you enjoying one of our certified gluten free, nut free, and food allergy friendly desserts somewhere outside. Find your spot. Find your treat. Share with us. Be a winner!

Wait, you already ARE a winner. Thank you for hanging around with us!

With continued commitment and all refreshed,


Lisa Cox is CEO/ SVP Sales & Marketing at Gem City Fine Foods, LLC.


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