What's Trending Echoes throughout the Food Space.

What's Trending Echoes throughout the Food Space.

Apr 23 , 2021

Coming off two days of excellent sales meetings, we are jazzed to hear buyers calling for more "healthy for you," gluten free and food allergy friendly options like ours on the supermarket shelves and in their freezers. This morning I had time to catch up on the week's trade news, and the headlines echo:

- "Upgrading allergen-free product quality,"

- "Better for you holds its place on the shelf in center store,"

- "Congress adds sesame to list of major food allergens,"

- "The future of plant-based eating,"

- "Global food safety savvy on the rise," and more.

The last I added because this is a trend we all can afford to listen to, regardless of the food products we make and send to market. Stimulated in part by the pandemic, as "healthy for you" has been, food safety concerns are high on consumers' priority lists when shopping. 

What does this mean for you? Dan Malovany, in Food Business News, introduces a benefit of the gluten free trend in the first paragraph of Upgrading Allergen-free Product Quality: better tasting and higher quality options than in the past. Although naysayers and eye rollers still dot the diet-conscious landscape, gluten free and allergy-friendly have found their time. 

And we are ready to respond to the call. It was a pleasure to repeat in meeting after meeting that our bakery is dedicated gluten- and nut-free, that our desserts are certified gluten free, that our vegan options are Top 8 free, and that our facility is SQF Level 2 food safety certified, and watch buyers nod and show signs of enthusiasm. 

But there is still work to be done to help educate and advocate. People may not understand the difference between "gluten free" and "certified gluten free." Buyers who don't understand celiac disease or food allergies and the serious impacts they can have on some of us, and even those who do, have category goals to meet and budget constraints within which to work.

We will continue to talk about advocacy on our weekly Lunch'N Watch live stream, with a return visit coming up by Susan of Positive Livin in May, and later in the summer, another round with Lina and Candace of Feeding Laramie Valley. Keep an eye on our Events & Specials Page, not just for upcoming live streams, but May is Celiac Awareness Month, and we will be hosting a special giveaway of a Vegan Chocolate Cake, and Michele will be in four Denver-area Whole Foods Markets doing demos and handing out coupons. 

And more. Always more. And I'll leave it to you to click on the links provided here to catch yourself up because it's time for me to get back to following up with the savvy interested buyers from our sales meetings this week so we can work on making our products more widely available to you in retail stores!

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