What Are You Free From?

What Are You Free From?

Apr 30 , 2020

News these days would indicate we are none of us free from certain anxieties: keeping our jobs, juggling kids and work at home, not drinking too much... or even restrictions placed by those governing our various locations on our ability to move about without impediment, whether it be a face mask or a door. But what we're talking about here is the "free from" movement in the food industry. 

A couple days ago we completed a survey for a publication that included a "Tell Us Your Story" section. Our story hasn't changed: We began as a traditional bakery in the Sugar House District of Salt Lake City in 2005. Under the name Blossom Fine Foods, and recognizing a growing demand for truly good tasting gluten free foods, we moved into a dedicated gluten free bakery space in 2012. We changed our name in 2014 to Gem City Fine Foods (for a reason not related to the ingredients contained in our desserts.) Overthe next few years as we met people like you at GF expos and out in the wider community, we recognized more and more people were talking to us about having allergies to foods from strawberries to soy to even xanthan gum. And of course, nuts. So, in 2018 we removed nuts and soy milk from our bakery and our products. Our Vegan Chocolate Cake and Cupcake are now Top 8 free: no wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts or tree nuts,  or fish or shellfish (yuck!).

In the past few decades the medical community has become more knowledgeable about how autoimmune diseases work, as well as how foods affect our bodies generally. The internet allows people to read much more prolifically on these sorts of topics than ever before- and sometimes to self-diagnose, which we don't recommend. It's great if you are tuned into your body and eating habits enough to recognize issues and relationships- and then seek the advice of an expert. 

The movement toward "free from" foods is growing, and the food industry is responding. According to a recent article in Whole Foods Magazine, 49% of Americans have changed their eating habits in the name of health. Rather than bust the article out for you completely, here it is: 

The Latest in Free-from Foods

People continue to choose more foods that are free from, whether sugar, food allergens, chemical additives and preservatives, GMOs, or pesticides and herbicides- because they have that choice. Even in this current time of pandemic, when many are tightening their belts and stocking up simultaneously, whether through necessity or just a feeling of better health, they continue to purchase the foods to which they are accustomed in the "free-from" realm. We remain open for business, and are using some of our time now to work on a new line of minis for food service that we think you will love- and that will be as "free-from" and clean as our current dessert line. And for those of you who seek better sugar-free options, we're working on that as well, but we will not use chemicals or poorly processed sugar substitutes, so it may be a little while. 

We send orders out the door on trucks weekly, as always, and into the stores you know and use. But if you can't find our desserts in your usual location, you can order online. During the entire month of May, in celebration of Celiac Awareness Month, use the code Celiac10 at check out for a 10% discount on your order. 

And be in touch any time to let us know what you're trying to be free from, and how we can help. 

With continued respect for and commitment to your dietary needs,


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