We did it again! 2021 Silver Sofi Award!

We did it again! 2021 Silver Sofi Award!

May 06 , 2021

It's been a week. A crazy week. A week that has just flown. 

We'd like to welcome our newest team member, Desiree Straughn, who has recently returned to SLC after many years away. Desiree brings a Culinary Arts degree and military experience together with a customer service ethic, and we're looking forward to sending her onto the production floor to work her magic part-time as we grow!

Desiree's timing couldn't be better. She will team up alongside Assistant Baker Ayanna Shekibi, and the two will soon be joined by our new Head Baker Abigal Swainston, who is finishing a degree right this moment in Food Science, a nice touch to add to her culinary training and bakery experience. To say we are excited about recent developments in our kitchen would be an understatement! We are looking forward to building inventory, serving new accounts and continuing our aggressive product development plans. 

Speaking of product development, several years ago company owner Rick Kent requested a Pomegranate Cheesecake. Requested? More like begged for. And our team at the time made it happen. Not only did they make a Pomegranate Cheesecake happen; we are thrilled to announce that cheesecake won the Specialty Food Association Sofi Silver Award in Baked Goods- Bakery Desserts for 2021! We have now collected two Sofis in two years, and three total in the past four years. Wow!

We are honored to have worked together to make these awards happen, from those who develop and fine tune the recipes, to those who complete the online application, to those who package and ship the samples for judging. And everything in between. This afternoon our new insurance agent joined us for lunch. As we all sat together talking, eating and laughing, he noted that we look like a team that has fun working together. Yes we do! We work hard for you, and we appreciate each other and the community we serve. 

Thanks to everyone who is a part of Gem City Fine Foods!


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