Wait! Help!

Wait! Help!

May 06 , 2020

Regardless where you stand on the political spectrum, the country- this country, anyway- is beginning to "open up" again following the initial shutdowns related to Covid-19. But there are still plenty of people out of work, many businesses closed- some permanently- and there is a long road ahead for many people financially, as we all navigate the loosening of restrictions of movement in various parts of the country.

As we continue to participate in webinars and online meetings designed to share information and planning, we're also receiving more email than ever with news, tips,  and prognostications about the future in our industry. And among the chatter are links to causes that have popped up to help feed those in need, including front line health care workers who are overextended and working in dangerous conditions. If you are employed and able, and have anything to spare after contributing to your own community, whether making masks or purchasing curbside from the restaurants that are open, here are some other possibilities to consider:

Seafood for Heroes

Covid-19 Relief

Chefs for America

Help a Restaurant, Feed a Doctor

Got a cause to share? Let us know! If it fits our goal of feeding community, we'll be happy to help spread the word. 


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