Transitions and Moving on Up

Transitions and Moving on Up

Feb 12 , 2021

We have seen some transitions this winter, specifically this month. Sometimes things happen quickly and you just have to react. Sometimes there is time to breathe and plan ahead. Always there is an opportunity to tell ourselves to let go of "what ifs" and embrace "what is." And that is what we are doing at the bakery right now.

First, we would like to say good-bye and thank you to our former Operations Manager of nearly three years, Randy Williams, whose last day with Gem City Fine Foods was last Friday. Randy was instrumental in bringing us up to speed putting some new systems in place, including in the Packaging Department. For years we had scratched our heads over samples arriving broken for sales meetings- and who knew to how many buyers who simply waved us away without mention because of it? Randy also streamlined our supplier ordering processes so that we are able to procure most of our ingredients now from one distributor- and in the meantime, he developed an excellent relationship with our rep that led to us being able to place our products in the system for ordering from that same distributor. Yes, our certified gluten free, nut free desserts are now available from the Sysco Intermountain warehouse in Salt Lake City. Randy was positioning to move into more of a sales role with us, as he'd streamlined operations enough to free up some of his time for sales. He is a people person, and we are sorry that Randy will not be exploring this opportunity with us more, but wish him the best on his new path!

Next, we would like to welcome two newly promoted team members, Liam Chenail, formerly Packaging Lead, who is our new Operations Manager, and DJ Williams, who started part-time with us nearly three years ago and is our new Packaging Lead. Our team is small, but young and fired up to advance our business. So we are excited! We brought in a consultant who has worked with us some over the past several years on occasion, to work with the team on reducing waste and increasing efficiency. The ultimate goal: To be able to decrease our prices- both wholesale to our distributors, so they can pass the savings on to their retail and food service accounts, and online to those who order that way. 

And finally, we are working on beefing up our social media and online presence, improving the consistency of our brand message and look, with the help of our fabulous YLAI Fellow Juliana Gonzalez, assisted by our also fabulous college Intern Jesse Erickson. While Juliana is only with us for four weeks, and it's flying, we are hoping that Jesse will take us up on our offer to join the team part-time when his internship ends this month. 

We always welcome YOU to be in touch with your questions and feedback. We have a ton of cool stuff lined up for the next few weeks on our weekly Lunch'N Watch live stream (which you can also watch afterwards either on our Facebook page or by clicking on the Vimeo button on our website Home page.) We also welcome back our long-time favorite demo gal Michele Dodane, who is gearing up to do demos again in Whole Foods stores in the Denver area beginning later this month- YAY! (While we are not yet able to do food sampling, we will have brochures, coupons and a QR code to scan to enter our Spring Giveaway!) Please check out our Events page to look for a demo near you- or other great events coming up, including FREE online virtual opportunities. 

Oh, and have a very happy Valentine's Day!

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