Jun 26 , 2020

It's been a busy couple weeks. Now that the world is sort of opening up again- and rapidly closing down once more in places- we've had auditors on the premises- wearing their masks, of course.

Last week our previously scheduled SQF food safety audit finally happened. This was year 3, and supposed to be a surprise appearance, but because of Covid-19, the process was delayed and we were warned in advance. Still, this audit is grueling, with a long look at our food safety documentation, from management commitment all the way through waste disposal, and then a tour of the facility, with stops along the way to engage with the team on the floor and make sure they know and practice their food safety stuff. And they do. Our team came through shining, while our documentation required a few tweaks here and there- but the auditor granted a recommendation for our Level 2 certification again this year! You can learn more about SQF certification at SQFI.

This week an auditor from GFCO visited to conduct our annual gluten free certification audit. There is a distinction between products being certified gluten free by GFCO, and our bakery being audited by the organization. Every product we make must be tested regularly for gluten, and with proof of testing at fewer than 20 PPM (we aim for and regularly meet 5  PPM or fewer), each of those products is certified. Then once a year an auditor visits to go through our documented procedures, including product testing, employee training, and many of the same items included in our food safety documents, such as gluten and allergen program. And this auditor also tours the bakery to see that we are doing what we say we will do to keep celiac and gluten sensitive consumers safe when eating our desserts. You can learn more about gluten free certification and auditing at GFCO.

And remember to tune in to our weekly Facebook Live Lunch'N Watch at 12:15 pm MT on August 5 when we will be talking with a representative of GFCO about gluten free certification and the great looking new seal! (And if you missed this week's live bakery tour, you can find the video on our Facebook page.) We're also working on scheduling a chat with our food safety consultant Monica in coming weeks, and maybe even our pest control guys- that would be fun. Stay tuned! the latest schedule can be found on our Events & Specials page. We hope you'll join us.

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