Shopping? In these times.

Shopping? In these times.

Mar 20 , 2020

Suddenly, times change. Some people are still not taking seriously the COVID-19 pandemic. Others are taking it so seriously that grocery store shelves are empty. Skipping the head shaking and joking about toilet paper hoarding, think about this:

You are a family with a celiac child. You go to the store and find it empty of items your child can eat, like rice and beans and sweet potatoes. As soon as those items are replenished, they disappear again. If everyone were to remember that everyone else has to eat too, how would that play out? Kindness and empathy are called for in times like these. 

If you cannot find gluten free and allergy friendly foods in your local grocery store right now, you can find them online. Several food manufacturers, Gem City Fine Foods among them, have joined a project quickly brought to fruition by our friends at Snack Safely called #SnackSafelyAtHome. Click on the link and scroll down to see online discounts you can use today. We're taking 15% off the price of our desserts when you order online and use the code, through April 30. 

It's been quite an amazing week to be sitting at the computer attending webinars and on the phone and email working remotely but closely with others to navigate through changes in the social landscape and problem solve around food issues- from restaurants shutting down- which means families will have to shop and cook more- to food stores changing their hours to enable time for restocking, sanitizing, and accommodating older and immune system compromised consumers, and myriad other challenges in between. The entire food industry has come together to communicate, share resources, and offer services. 

Along with stories about the Coronavirus taking its toll on people's health, are more upbeat stories of reaching out, like Spartan Nash and Raley's have done. We will continue to share some of these upbeat stories along with relevant information as we all hunker down together for a while. Please feel free to share your story with us. 

Be well. 

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