Shh- It's Around the Corner!

Shh- It's Around the Corner!

Nov 16 , 2020

Remember that little naughty funny from childhood? Or is it an age thing? A location thing? When we were kids growing up in Maine, we loved a chance to swear without really swearing. 

So, what's around the corner? Seems like the proverbial 4-letter word hit the fan back in about February for this year. So much for 2020 vision. More like we'll look back with 2020 hindsight and say "good riddance" to the year. 

That doesn't mean it's been an entirely terrible year, does it? But certainly we all have had occasion to throw our hands up at least once in exasperation and ask, "What else, 2020?" Now the year is closing, just a few weeks to go, and who is looking forward to 2021 as maybe harboring something different for us, something better? And who is looking ahead with taciturn resolution that things may get worse before they get better, or at least that we shouldn't get our hopes up.

For today, though, let's focus on today. Did you wake up this morning thankful for sunrise, your pet's predictable request for breakfast, a good hot aromatic cup of coffee? I fired up my laptop and caught up on some emails. I'm stepping down from the role of President of my local Audubon Society chapter, and recently decided that as my term closes, I would leave the Board enitrely. I get to be a "regular person" participating in events again and, despite the twinge of guilt that comes  with stepping out of a leadership role, I'm looking forward to that! So, among the emails to take care of some remainder of term business, I also checked in with people to help with the transition. 

This recent decision is one I did not take lightly, and the process of making the final leap was one that prompted me to further introspection. Where do I wish to put my energy and attention in this life? How do I move forward without losing interest, commitment or energy, whether in work, community life, or at home with friends and family? 

One cause close to my heart is that of hunger and food security. So, I'm excited to announce that this Wednesday's Lunch'N Watch live stream on Facebook will feature guest Ashley from Wyoming food Bank of the Rockies.

This time of year we turn thoughts to food and community. But there is a need out there all year long. Please keep that in mind as you wander about your daily business. Food insecurity does not just strike at Thanksgiving. It's just that this time of year, while some of us are picking up our forks and preparing for a feast, others are unable to do so. Hunger is a regular thing for so many people right in our own communities. This year in your community that may be compounded by unemployment resulting from the pandemic. And this time of year is as good as any time to help if you can.

I imagine I'm not the only one receiving a higher number of mail appeals for a contribution this year. A check is a check is a check. I know the money is appreciated, and if you pick a charity that rates high on Charity Navigator, you can vet the causes you want to help and get an idea of how that money is used. I have made a commitment to hone in my giving on a couple causes, rather than spreading as thin as I've found myself in recent years. Being a person used to active leadership, I've found myself feeling not only overextended, but removed from giving. I don't want to just push a button. I have lamented over the past few years, that I believe one reason it's so difficult to find active participatory leadership and involvement in civic and charitable and professional organizations these days is that it's just too easy to push a button, receive a Paypal receipt and nod in satisfaction at having contributed. (I could be wrong!)

If you want to make a difference and feel like just pushing that button is rote and want to make a different kind of contribution, and if hunger is your cause, consider sending food directly. Recently I signed into my Instacart account and changed the address to a homeless mission a couple hours from where I live, smack in the middle of the state. I ordered groceries from a local store and had them delivered: the fixings from their wishlist for Thanksgiving dinner, along with a small turkey. It felt like a more personalized experience, and the bonus for me was knowing that food would show up at the mission doors as a surprise- a good surprise!

Oh, right, speaking of surprises: Shh- it's around the corner! What is around the corner? Thanksgiving. And hunger. And ways to help. And in my recent period of introspection, considering my position leading Gem City Fine Foods, I give thanks and remain committed to you.






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