Recall Info

Recall Info

Dec 23 , 2020

I'd hoped to be writing a "happy holidays!" to all today, but instead am sharing some information about a voluntary recall we instituted yesterday. 

First, we are so thankful that this recall did not result from a food safety hazard, but a mislabeling of 41 cases of Vegan Chocolate Cake that went out the door and into two distributor warehouses recently. Sharp-eyed customers in Texas discovered that our Vegan Chocolate Cake oddly contained dairy and eggs. It DOESN'T, but with the back label for our Flourless Chocolate Torte applied to the cake packages, it surely looked that way!

THANK YOU to the customers who alerted us with messages and posts, including photos, on social media. We immediately notified the distributor and the FDA, and began a recall of those cakes from the stores where they were placed. You will see a recall letter attached to this post. All recovered cakes will be destroyed. (Yes, we are all wincing at that.)

Our team will consider the causes for this recall and how to prevent them in the future. There are so many laws and standards and procedures out there  in this business. Recalls are complex. While we are sorry this happened, we are grateful for a food safe opportunity to learn more and hone our ability to respond to future challenges. 

If you are interested in learning more about recalls, please join us on Wednesday, January 6, at 12:15 MT on Facebook Live (video to be catalogued in our Vimeo library if you can't join us live) for the first installment in our new series "How Did This Thing Get Onto My Plate?" We will discuss how a product recall actually keeps a product off your plate!

Hope to see you then with your questions. Meanwhile, 


The Gem City Fine Foods team

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