On Judgment

On Judgment

May 21 , 2021

No matter our political leaning, religious persuasion, social standing, or any of that, can we all agree that the world feels very angry, disjointed and I will even venture to say mean lately? Yes, this is something that has been brewing for a while, a very long time, and recently is coming to the surface -again. Did the pandemic contribute to our skewed sense of interrelationships with others? Leave us feeling like we just can't connect so why bother? A computer screen remove us from a level of intimacy we shared before?

Questions, questions. And why bring this topic up in a gluten free bakery blog? 

Because JUDGMENT. I am nontcing an increase in our social community, celiac, gluten sensitive, food allergic, in pondering how to address when others judge us as "bothersome" or "a problem," because we have food issues that prevent us from eating just anything out there, and furthermore, can be detrimental- in some cases very dangerously so- to our health. 

Recently well known journalist Dan Rather tweeted, "I'm confused. Why should people care if someone wants to wear a mask outside?" BOOM! I'm pretty sure I've written about this before. There is this prevailing air of "I get my rights, which you can't take away, but you can't have yours."

On the drive home from a walk at Liberty Park the weekend Utah relaxed mask regulations, I heard on the news that a store closed its doors because someone had threatened to come in with a gun and start shooting. The store -a private business- had decided to maintain a mask requirement. Vaccines were not widely available yet. 

This mean spirited attack on others, this bullying, including around eating, a fundamental right, given we ALL MUST EAT.

Dianna is here. We are going to organize the office space upstairs. It's Friday. We are also going to enjoy lunch together. We will work together, and not judge our friend and company owner who moved stuff willy nilly up there. ;) He is on a boys' trip, and we have a short window. So, happy Friday. Please be kind. 

With continued commitment,


Lisa Cox is CEO/ SVP Sales & Marketing. Her opinions are her own, and she thinks about this stuff a lot. 

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