On Integrity

On Integrity

Jul 06 , 2021

Integrity has two meanings: 

1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

2. The state of being whole and undivided.

We hear the word used in both ways frequently enough that we all have a notion of what it means. ie. "He is a man of integrity" or "The structural integrity of the building was compromised by the earthquake."

Gem City Fine Foods is one of two finalists for a Utah Ethical Leadership Award, and one of the key focal points of this award is integrity, specifically the first definition above. But recently that second definition has come into play in our daily business as well. 

As noted in previous posts, supply chain has been lacking in some integrity over the past few months. As in, structurally companies have struggled to fill the need for employees to fill orders, to meet customer requests. We are a pretty tight team, those of us who have been around and have committed to the long haul. I have no qualms about Liam and DJ representing our company in filming for the finals tomorrow morning. They are two of the most honest young men I have the pleasure of knowing. Our little core team has structural integrity, despite am upset in the structural integrity of supply chain, and our members display integrity as honest and morally principled. 

I have been reading mixed reports lately on customer loyalty. Some say positive experiences and personal service create a penchant for loyalty- and for spreading the word about a brand to friends and family. It is reported that upwards of 3/4 of customers surveyed have said they would pledge loyalty to a brand based on those experiences. However, I had a conversation last week with a long time professional in the field of brand strategy who purported that everyone is only an occasional customer and that perhaps 1/3 of a customer base would be a regular purchaser of a specific brand.

If you choose our brand over another, we would love to hear why. And if you choose another over us, we want to know why as well. With feedback of either type, we can work to be better. 

Regardless, when you purchase our products, we want the reason to be more than just great taste that is safe. We hope you will choose Gem City Fine Foods because you know that if you choose to be in touch, we will provide the kind of personalized service that makes you know you are valued, and we will do so honestly. With integrity.

We may not be the ultimate winner of this award, but what a great experience for our team, what an honor to have been selected as a finalist, and what a way to be reassured that our commitment to you is understood!

Please be in touch any time.

With continued commitment,


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