On advocacy- and some ways to get involved

On advocacy- and some ways to get involved

Feb 26 , 2021

This morning our new Operations Manager Liam and I had a conversation about our upcoming annual SQF food safety audit (next Tuesday!) As always, the final consumer of our products was part of that conversation. No one in the food business wants to see someone get sick eating what they've made and sent out into the world. And from our perspective, because our desserts are certified gluten free, nut free and food allergy friendly, we have an even greater responsibility to the consumer- to our fan base, if you will. 

 A recent Newsweek article reports allergies are considered the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in this country, and food allergies are common among allergies in general. In fact, according to  Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) 32 million Americans, or about 1 in every 10 adults and two kids in every classroom, have food allergies, and of those children, nearly half have more than one.

While the rates of food allergies are going up, and they can cause serious illness or even death, the struggle remains to advocate at the top levels of government for policies that will better protect people with food allergies. The same holds true for those with celiac disease. Education is a critical factor in helping others, including legistlators, understand the importance of celiac disease and food allergies and the dangers create. Thankfully, there are organizations that are working to provide research, education and advocacy for those affected by celiac disease and food allergies. 

If you missed our Lunch'N Watch this week with Laura and Sierra of Celiac Disease Foundation, check the video out for a preview of next week's Patient Education & Advocacy Summit, which is FREE and will be held virtually. Please consider registering and learning more. 

And for those with food allergies, consider registering for the 3-day Courage at Congress 2021 education and advocacy event being held the following week, also virtual and also free. 

One of the topics we covered in Wednesdays live stream was advocacy on a personal level. As one participant mentioned in our December focus group, some people are too shy to know how or feel comfortable to speak up for themselves. We can all do our part, at the level of comfort we know, whether writing a letter to those we elect to Congress, or knocking on a door and speaking up in person. As we all gather to do our part,, we are a community that makes a difference for every single one of us, and the collective group. 

With continued commitment,

Lisa- Lisa Cox, CEO/ SVP Sales & Marketing

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