Not Saying It... Happy... New...

Not Saying It... Happy... New...

Jan 06 , 2020

You know what time of year it is, and we hope it will be a great 2020 for you, as we are planning it to be for us!

Sometimes, though, no amount of planning can make something come to fruition the way a person wants it to. No amount even of doing. But that does not mean a person should ever give up trying. Does that mean beating your head against the same wall over and over in hope? Trying something different even if you have no idea whether it will work? Changing your attitude? Or your method of approach? Or how about your goal entirely? 

We have not changed our goal, our mission to be the premier provider of gluten free desserts in the US? Or have we? Well, in fact, let's say we have further developed it. Over the past several years we have observed a few phenomena as we have walked the gluten free path in the food manufacturing business:

1. Gluten free has survived backlash and emerged strong. Celiac disease is real. Gluten sensitivity is real. 

2. Food allergies are on the rise, as noted by our friends at Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE): Facts and Statistics.

3. Plant-based (vegan, kids), is on the rise- and for valid reasons. 

Acknowledging these facts, we have broadened our mission- to be the premier provider of gluten free, nut free and food allergy-friendly (our vegan options are Top 8 free) desserts in the US. 

Many of you know we removed nuts and soy milk from our products and bakery in 2018. But what are we doing now, in 2020, to achieve our mission? 

First, we are increasing our product developments to encompass more vegan options. DYK that every Friday at the bakery is dedicated to product development? We always have new stuff in the works, and welcome your suggestions. Reach out to us at

Second, we have made the very difficult decision to suspend, temporarily, our online retail sales. In order to make prices as affordable as we could to the online customer, we were taking on a large portion of the packaging and shipping costs associated with shipping frozen in small quantities. The large amount of money we were losing annually, we know we can put to work in some other ways to make our products available. And in the meantime, we are looking at an online holiday collection in the fall, so don't go away before then!

Again, your suggestions are welcome. Just yesterday I read an inspirational article in Food Processing Magazine, Looking Back at 2019: Hamdi Ulukaya's Anti-CEO Playbookin which Ulukaya notes he and  his team have listened to the customer over the years and made changes where due, in the process of bringing Chobani to fruition as the giant world-renowned yogurt company it is today.

Who knows what we can do for you with you behind us all the way? Let's find out!

On that note, it is with great respect and humility that I thank each of you who has shared your story, thoughts, suggestions, complaints, woes and successes with us over the past few years. May we all have a magical year of clear-sighted success ahead together. 



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