Midwinter Stuff

Midwinter Stuff

Jan 31 , 2022

Wow! Has it really been since November 2021 that we last posted? Sincere apologies, a happy new year- we hope it's been good to you so far- and here comes Punxatawney Phil in just a couple days to usher in Midwinter. Time has absolutely flown!

So much going on in 2022 right off the bat. We would like to welcome Amanda Kanashiro, our new Social Media Manager, to the team. Amanda has worked with us for several years in her role as influencer with Eat at Our Table, and this year she provided an offer we just could not refuse: to work instead coordinating our SM calendar part-time. Along with Jesse Erickson, who began as an Intern with us more than a year ago and slipped into the role of PT Marketing and Social Media Assistant last spring, we are looking forward to that dynamic duo really sprucing up our social presence with consistent fun tidbits and links.

We've also begun a new enterprise to serve and thank our local friends: First Friday Retail Sales. We started the first Friday in January, selling from items we have in stock that are not headed to a distributor, and this month will add Valentine's specialty cakes for sale in limited quantities. If you live in or are visiting the Salt Lake City area on a first Friday, drop in between 8am and 4pm MST to meet the team and pick up some certified gluten free, nut free, and food allergy friendly (including Vegan Top 9 free) award winning delicious desserts! And every month we will feature new specialty cakes themed for the month. (Think Carrot Cake decorated for Easter and so on.) We're excited to offer this event and hope it catches on!

Keep an eye on our Events and Specials page on the website, too, for other opportunities to engage in the celiac, gluten free and food allergic community, online and in person. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed recently and you need resources, we will do our best to help you connect. Eating gluten free can be easier than you think, once you pass that hurdle of the emotional loss of foods you've grown up with or particularly love.

Lisa and Rick just got back from a weeklong trip to Nevis in the Caribbean, a very speical gift from a friend, where we cooked daily- gluten free! The veggies that grow in that volcanic soil are big and sweet, like the beets, carrot, pumpkin and fennel shown in the picture here, tossed with a little EVOO and S&P and roasted. Seafood and local eggs were fresh, tropical fruit plentiful, and we even got to visit the local farmers market to stock up on fruits, veggies and fresh herbs!

There are so many new foods to try and no end of resources, including our friends Life After Wheat, Vegetarian Mamma, and MI Gluten Free Gal, each of whom work from their areas of specialty to provide you with the trecipes, tips and other tools to make eating gluten free and food allergy friendly easier than you might imagine!

If you haven't subscribed to our monthly newsletter, which is emailed at the beginning of each month, please do so. It's your ticket to our latest news and offerings, inclluding contests and other opportunities to engage. Just click on the link on our Home page or on our Facebook page. We hope to see and hear from you this year!

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