Miami in July

Miami in July

Apr 08 , 2021

Times are changing. Last month Wyoming relaxed mask mandate statewide. On Saturday Utah will relax mask mandates statewide, with some caveats in place allowing for local decisions otherwise. These are the states that house our administrative offices and our commercial bakery, respectively. We are ready. Yesterday at team lunch at the bakery, we discussed comfort levels with and without masks and agreed on updating protocol to include personal discomfort on anyone's part as part of the procedure. 

Many of us have got at least one vaccine shot. Many of us are on the list for an appointment. 

Times are changing, just as spring is bringing us all out of hibernation, and a long one this time, eager to move freely- and to travel.

Yesterday I joined Clint Hufft of Catersource and The Special Event for his Candid Conversations podcast, in preparation for this year's conferences in Miami in mid-July. Who wants to be in Miami at the hottest time of year, we asked initially? But talking with Clint, recalling that last time we were all together in those conferences was last March when the pandemic was declared such, and the city of Las Vegas first collectively freaked out and then shut down. 

Wow, I started getting excited for this year's events, and I think plenty of other people are gearing up as well. I hope so. I'll be presenting a hands-on workshop titled- suddenly even more appropriately so- You Can Safely Serve Everyone Without Breaking the Bank! And I cannot wait!

As we all feel a little or a lot more freed up in our lives, I would request that we all continue to act responsibly around our homes, our communities, and while traveling more widely. Some are more fortunate than others in getting the vaccine. Some are more compromised than others, and we still don't know what will happen with all these variants rearing their scary heads. 

Meanwhile, even though traveling by plane these days is extra challenging (ie. wearing a mask for 17 hours straight), I will be on that plane to Miami, masked up and raring to go!

With continued commitment to your health and safety and urge to indulge,


Lisa Cox is CEO/ SVP Sales & Marketing for Gem City Fine Foods. She will let you know when the podcast is available and hopes you will share in the excitement!

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