Let's talk about misleading information.

Let's talk about misleading information.

May 14 , 2021

This year's FABI (Food and Beverage Innovation) Awards are here, and the winners are... overwhelmingly, meatless meat and funky new beverages. Let's be honest: Food can become like movies or books, formulaic. A twist, any new twist, is a breath of fresh air. And meatless meat has become that twist. 

But, as with any trend, that breath of fresh air eventually becomes stale, formulaic. Apparently this is not yet the case with what we commonly call plant-based alternatives (to meat.) I am not picking on meatless meat, or the plant-based trend, although I have voiced questions or concerns over the past couple years (ie. almond milk... do you know how much water it takes to quench the thirst of almond trees in xeric central CA? ie. Meatless meat... do we know what the processing mechanisms and elements are?) 

Of course, with a rise in popularity of plant-based foods, our Vegan Chocolate Cake and Cupcakes get a little boost. Not that we do anything different with them than before. Just that "vegan" = "plant-based", so there has been increased interest in these two items- and in our potential to develop others (which we have... Stay tuned as we get back on track with our Minis project!)

Sometimes information can be a little misleading. For instance, plant-based milks sound like an environmentally beneficial alternative to dairy-based, but to what degree? And plant-based meats? Same. But what about those processing methods? 

In a couple weeks- Wednesday, May 26, 12:15 MST- MI Gluten Free Gal will join our Lunch'N Watch Facebook Live stream. The headline is Myth, Fact and Proper Diagnosis. She wanted to know if there are specific questions to cover. Sort of, not really, maybe. Misinformation. Let's talk about that. Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, all are complex. Too many of us, including those of us who experience any of the above, have too little, conflicting, incomplete information about the nature of the condition, the diagnostic avenues, and the myriad associated dietary considerations. This will be a great talk; join us!

And always question what you read, see or hear. Life is complex, layered. Keep curious!


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