Is It Safe?

Is It Safe?

Apr 09 , 2020

We have been getting an information overload lately! There is still so much unknown about the virus that causes COVID-19 and the disease itself. At the same time, we are learning snippets of information daily, and in the administrative office, at least one of us (that'd be me!) feels like she has her earbuds in all day long for webinar participation. It's important. We want to be doing the right thing to stay in business and serve you!

Numerous sources, including a scientist speaking on behalf of the company that sends an outside party annually to conduct our Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 audit, there is no evidence that food is a vector for COVID-19. Here is a good resource for the basics, from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, so a little international flair: Coronavirus Food Safety FAQs. Trust me, having traveled in Ireland and observed the top food allergens listed after every item on the menu everywhere I ate, and seen gluten free communion stations in churches, I think Ireland has a pretty good handle on food and safety. 

And if you would like a more in-depth look at the issue, here is a white paper prepared by Merieux NutriSciences, the aforementioned company that handles our food safety audits: COVID-19 Resources for the Food Industry. 

What are we doing at Gem City Fine Foods to make sure your food is safe? We already have food safety Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in place as part of our SQF program. All our employees are required to take food handling and SQF trainings, and we offer refreshers over lunch at least once a month. Some of these GMPs include washing hands on entry to the production facility, wearing gloves, and sanitizing the lines in both production and packaging. And we've stepped up measures at work right now to include social distancing in the facility, reminding employees to stay home if they aren't feeling well, and allowing people to work from home as possible. 

If you have any questions about our food safety practices, whether in "normal" times or what are being called the "new normal" times, please be in touch. We want to hear from you. 

And please, follow protocol according to where you live, err on the side of caution, and be well. 

With respect for your health and safety,


Photo: Even in better times, we take precautions. 

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