Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22 , 2019

I'm heading out the door today for a road trip with friends over the Thanksgiving holiday! Pumpkin Cheesecake in the cooler for holiday feasting! Excited to spend time traveling our Southwest with good friends! But before I go...

Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays lining up to close out the calendar year, are times of joy, togetherness with friends and family, and plenty of eating. Every year those of us who are celiac, gluten sensitive, or have other food allergies scroll through online resources to make sure we're buying foods that won't make us sick, or talk with family and friends to mitigate dangers at meal time. It seems like the resources and options are greater and more varied each year, and we are getting closer to reaching a more even ground for those who can't just plug any old chow into our faces. 

And then there are those who can eat pretty much anything- if they have access to food. Many of you saw and responded to our social media share a few days ago about Elkhart Schools in Indiana working with Cultivate Culinary in South Bend to turn cafeteria leftovers into meals hungry kids could take home with them. According to the non-profit, 25% of children are food insecure in this country. That's one of four. 

Those affected by food insecurity are not only young children. Several months ago at a sorority reunion in New Hampshire, those of us in attendance heard from college administrators an appeal for food assistance for students on campus. And just yesterday I received a text from the university where I received my Masters degree in Education that the university Food Pantry feeds more than 1,200 students annually, with about a dozen new students every month using the service.

Please consider giving to your local food pantry, or contact your own alma mater to see how you can help feed college students who need to eat to learn, or make a contribution to an organization that feeds the hungry. No amount is too small to help make a difference, and to potentially make sure that someone who is hungry can give thanks this holiday for a meal. 

Have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving holiday.



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