Friday PSA

Friday PSA

Jul 10 , 2020

Food. Covid-19. Supply chain disruptions. Restaurants reopening, and closing again. 

The coronavirus is spread from person to person, and through droplets in the air that can persist for several hours. We all have read the news. But because food is so close to us- so necessary in our lives- and possibly because food establishments have been highlighted as particularly hard hit in the pandemic, there is among some people the belief that they can get the virus from their food or food packaging. Yet still there are zero reported cases of this happening (all while listeria and E. coli continue to make the news.)

Of course we have a Covid-19 policy in place and practice a number of measures these days, including temperature readings when employees arrive at work and more frequent sanitatizing of often used surfaces. We wear masks. (And we continue to wear gloves, as we always have, when working in the production area or with food contact and surfaces in packaging.) We are aware that people are being very cautious, and so are we. 

But it does beg some sort of public service to let people know that restaurants and bars were closed because of the possibility of people congregating too closely and spreading the virus. (Increasingly we are hearing these sorts of venues for gathering called superspreader events.) The reason is not that food was spreading Covid-19. And with manufacturing facilities, when people work closely together, and especially if there are not sanitary conditions in place, they can spread the virus, and when the virus spreads, people miss work, and when enough people miss work, shifts or entire plants close down.

There is ALWAYS need for food manufacturers and establishments to take precautions to keep the premises clean and sanitized and free of harmful microorganisms. That is why our GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) include wearing uniforms specific to the premises and gloves, cleaning and sanitizing equipment and surfaces regularly, testing for pathogens, and washing hands on entering the production area. We care about our team and our customers. We want to be able to stay open, in business, to provide stellar goods and service.

When the pandemic has faded away, we will continue to conduct our business so that your food is safe. In the meantime, please be in touch if you have questions.

We hope you have a relaxing, happy and safe weekend! 


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