Food: Shopping and Safety

Food: Shopping and Safety

Apr 24 , 2020

Grocery shopping at my house has become an entire afternoon affair. I open Instacart app and search through the local store- that's only two blocks away... feels so weird!- and slowly put together an order. I eat a lot of fresh vegetables, so have to fiddle with whether I want a certain number of broccoli crowns, or a certain number of pounds. Who knows how many pounds of broccoli in a crown? And how do I know which size my shopper will choose if I enter by number of items?

Then my roommate comes home from work and goes through the whole process himself. We split household items. "Is bleach available yet?" "It was earlier, but I think we still have some, and the only one available is expensive." (And by now, we find, sold out.) Then I sit with Instacart open while our shopper does the shopping. We chat about replacements and refunds, and after she's done I watch the final tally on my credit card bill, with the requisite tip added. (She deserves more than I can afford, as far as I'm concerned, going into the store where there are people without masks, and I'm glad she at least wears one.)

The groceries land on the doorstep, and then begins the tedious process of removing from bags, cleaning, and storing in the laundry room as long as possible. By then, it's time to make dinner, and I am just too tired and hassled to do it. So, grocery shopping day is also a leftovers day. 

My roommate and I are not the only ones in town who have begun to shop through Instacart. Others choose to order in advance and pick up curbside from the grocery store at the other end of town. Prior to my new system, I had not seen a mask on an employee working the floor or the register in my neighborhood store, though everyone wears them at the Coop downtown where Rick shops. Sometimes he dons his mask and goes in, and other times he calls ahead for curbside.

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