Food Safety: Take II

Food Safety: Take II

Jul 27 , 2020

Last week we received an email from a local partner working on bringing boxes of gluten free foods to families for back-to-school. In part because of Covid-19 concerns, people were shying from buying- despite that the value for the dollar was excellent. In fact, we had planned to add a free 4-pack of Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes to each box. 

Thankfully, the news tells us today that new cases in this summer's surge have leveled off again over the past week. Fingers crosses, as parents gear up to send kids back to school and college students make plans to return to campus, we will not see another uptick. In fact, while many school districts and colleges have plans in place for at least a modified return to regular classes in the fall, there is no doubt that all have a Plan B and Plan C or more, and some, including our local Salt Lake City School District are still in the finalizing stages for even Plan A. 

Many parents are concerned about sending their kids back into classrooms where they might be in danger of contracting and spreading the coronavirus, and at the same time are equally worried about the loss of important socialization aspects of in-person schooling. It's a real conundrum for everyone, in uncertain times, to know what is the "right" thing to do. 

But this is all daily news. Something that cropped up on the radar again today, is yet another food poisoning outbreak, this most recent linked to Salmonella, and with a slightly higher hospitalization rate (26%) is a bit higher than the average 20%, and includes a large number in our own Utah, with a smaller number affected in our administrative HQ state of Wyoming. (See map.)

We don't highlight these stories to scare people. We do so because they do not necessarily find their way into the mainstream media, although the frequency and variety of pathogens and vectors is concerning in these days of heightened public sentiment about food safety. 

This week our Wednesday 12:15 MT live stream guest will be our own food safety consultant Monica Smith. Please feel free to send your food safety questions in advance to, and please join us for Lunch'N Watch here: Lunch'N Watch. And if you don't use Facebook, you can catch the episode after on Vimeo.

And if you have any questions for us, ever, about our food safety program and procedures, do not hesitate to be in touch. We love to talk about what we do to keep your food safe!

Hope to see you Wednesday!


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