Nov 11 , 2021

When I was in grad school - the second time around- a bunch of us got together a couple times to go bowling on a Friday night. We had a friend named Scooby- still do- and somehow one night the question was asked, "What would Scooby do?" (I truly cannot recall the context, but it was funny! WWSD? WWJD? WWYD? Decisions, decisions. 

Yesterday Leadership Utah class was scheduled for a tour of the prison and visits to a couple area police departments. This month's theme (it varies every month during the program): Crime and Law Enforcement. I had looked forward to being with the group again, since we meet only once a month. But we were also woefully short staffed yesterday (sound familiar?) I contacted Kat at Salt Lake Chamber to let her know I would not be at the prison tour but would try to meet the group at the first police station stop. 

As the morning wore on, I realized I would not be going to Leadership Utah class this month. I had to be a leader and make a leader's decision, and that decision was to stay with my team and fill in the gaps. I donned a sturdy plastic yellow apron and matching gloves and washed cheesecake molds and cake pans. 

Did I do the right thing? Should I have gone on tour with the rest of the executive leaders in my class? Would that have been the best use of my time? After all, I had applied and had been accepted and had paid for the program so I could get out into the community and network with other leaders.

Was it really the best use of my time to hit the floor and wash pans when I could have spent the time networking and building business relationships outside our walls? There is no doubt that growth does not happen in a vaccum.

I vacillated. And sunk in for the afternoon, to be with my team and fill those gaps. No one gets a big kick out of doing dishes, but let me tell you, if they are not done, then production and packaging stop. You can't bake cakes without pans, and we have a big order coming up next week to fill, one that has been waiting for us to acquire rice milk enough to fill it (supply chain shortage; also sound familiar?)

And let's face it: Although we all have our own roles to fill, in a small business if you are not willing to chip in elsewhere as needed, then you may as well turn around and walk out the door. 

In our first Leadership Utah class this year, as we were regaled with motivational speeches and panels from leaders in the Salt Lake community, including some who were once in our class, several themes and aspects of leadership arose, from the age old "it's lonely at the top" to knowing oneself- noth strengths and weaknesses- to being willing to do what others will not, and remembering that those who follow wish to emulate. 

If I had walked out that door yesterday to meet with my group, those remaining in the building would have understood and taken on the extra load. But by staying, I would like to think I showed the kind of commitment to the team that I want to see from them as they grow with our business.

Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of decisions, we are very close to having dry ice again and are expecting to be able to open our online store again in time for holiday ordering, even though we remain woefully short staffed and it will mean extra effort to fill orders. We want YOU to be able to order online if you cannot purchase in your local store for holidays. Please keep an eye on our Events & Specials page , where you will also find upcoming holiday demos. We are excited to announce that this year some of those demos will include Pumpkin Cheesecake, along with Flourless Chocolate Torte! We'll have demos in early December in some Texas and Denver, CO-area Whole Foods Markets, and are looking to schedule in Florida Whole Foods, as well as The Good Earth and Harmons in Salt Lake City area. 

Oh, and Utah people, grab your Pumpkin Cheesecake at Harmons! (And in December, you'll be able to get Peppermint Chocolate Torte!)

And finally, next week join us Live on Facebook for a cooking demo! It's a surprise, and may or may not be Thanksgiving-themed but will definitely be all about gluten free and nut free! The last one was impromptu, and it worked out very well to hop on early in the morning, so the next demo will be Thursday, November 18 at 8am MST. Hope to see you there!

With continued commitment, 


Lisa Cox is CEO/ SVP Sales & Marketing 


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