Community - Take 2

Community - Take 2

Oct 08 , 2020


Wow, I'd forgotten the last time I had written the topic was "community." It was a while ago, and we have been swamped- in a good way! With intention to write weekly, I failed, and while many potential topics have crossed my mind over the past couple weeks, the overwhelming theme that prevails is still "community."

We have an amazing team at our dedicated gluten- and nut-free bakery. I pulled them all together one day, feeling guilty for doing so during their lunch break, for a pep talk. We are doing well, expenses are down and income is up, but we can always do better. Why wouldn't we want to? It's a bottom line that transfers to the end consumer of our desserts. We want us all to win on so many levels. By the end of the meeting, let alone day, team members were visiting me with ideas and next steps they intended to take to work on inefficiencies in their particular work areas- heartwarming! We are all here for YOU, that is certain.

After returning to our administrative offices last week, it was time to turn attention back to regular day to day business, which included helping our new Intern get acquainted with and organized around the marketing and promotional projects he'll be taking on, like scheduling guests for our weekly Lunch'N Watch live broadcast. Jesse has taken the proverbial bull by the horns, and this week I had the pleasure of speaking with Jen of The Nourished Group to debrief the recent inaugural Online Nourished Festival (which is still up, btw. Just go to Online Nourished Festival.) 

It's just not possible to talk about an event like this without discussing community. Exhibitors and attendees alike for years have enjoyed meeting in person for classes, samples and just chatting. This year's online event was a great success, but Jen and I both lament the missing element: meeting in person. We all know we will be able to get together this way again, we just don't know when. In the meantime, we shared ideas for future online opportunities- really exciting! We are all in this together, navigating strange times with creativity and adapting to new situations- new opportunities. I won't go into the details. You can watch our chat here. 

 And please join us on Facebook Live Wednesdays, 12:15 MT, for Lunch'N Watch. It's your chance to ask questions, meet people, learn, and just connect. My mom even tuned in this week! 

Back to the bakery: I was packing up at the end of the day when Liam and Cole came in, Liam with a plan for getting the flow wrapper online to package our award winning Blueberry Lemon Loaf, which is time consuming now, and as we see orders pick up, we know we need to fix that. I was happy to spend the time listening and encouraging his plan. He is the expert in that arena. As we all got ready to leave, Cole noticed the big rolling white board in the corner with our mission at the top. I had at some point changed "will be" to "ARE." He loved it. "You can still see 'will be' underneath," he mused. 

We will continue to strive to be better, and I guarantee we ARE committed to our celiac, gluten free, food allergic community.

And on a final note, we LOVE Halloween, and we hope you do too! Keep your eyes on our social media- we're doing a scary good giveaway this month!

With respect,


Lisa Cox is CEO/ SVP of Sales & Marketing at Gem City Fine Foods. A 7-year veteran, she's planning on sticking around to keep helping build community. 

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