Clean and Updated

Clean and Updated

Jun 18 , 2021

I subscribe to a lot of trade mags and newsletters- a lot. (I know, I should have said "many.")

Some days I have a little time to sift through the e-newsletters and click on choice titles and topics. Some days those e-newsletters get set aside, only to be found in my mailbox several weeks later, outdated. Some days those newsletters go immediately to the trash. 

I wish I had more time to keep up on trends in the industry. It's a Catch-22: We sort of need me to have the time so I can help us grow, but at the same time, we need me doing the day to day stuff that keeps us afloat. That is what it is, to use an overused phrase. In the meantime, this week I had time to at least save a title of interest, and later had the time to read the article in Food Business News: Four in 10 consumers identify as clean eaters.

While the definitions of "clean eating" are varied, more people are reading labels to see if the ingredients on their foods are familiar, readable, pronounceable, seem "real." Why?

Interestingly, while food sensitivities and environmental concerns are on the list of reasons, the general health benefits perceived to be greater in "clean" foods is by far the number one reason for selecting them. And following more than a year of Covid-19 pandemic, health concerns are certainly heightened!

Have you noticed the number of companies upping their clean and sustainable game? I have. But then, I do occasionally read those trade mags and newsletters. Really, though, all you have to do is watch TV or open any magazine that features food and beverage ads.

We have always used clean ingredients. The way we like to define that is that they are ingredients you can spell and pronounce. Xanthan gum is probably the most complicated ingredient you'll find on our labels. Does that mean we can't be better? We can always be better. Business should be a continuous improvement process, or we aren't really serving the customer. During a recent branding exercise, I tossed out the question to friends, fans, and our team: What is the first positive association with our brand that comes to your mind? What is the first negative association? 

One negative answer was "packaging." While ours is recyclable plastic, there may be a better alternative out there. We're working on improving our products, our brand and our presence in the food space. Soon you will see updated labeling on our packages- though you will still be able to find us by our logo and the orchid imaging on the background of each of our labels. We've been working on a good sugar replacement for our line for a couple years- and we hope soon will have one. 

Overhwlemingly, the answer to the first positive association with our brand was "delicious." We don't want to lose that. Not many companies can say "clean, certified gluten free, nut free AND delicious all in one breath." We're just looking at ways we can be better, given customer concern about clean eating and packaging. 

Again, it would be great to have plenty of time to read those trade magazines and newsletters more regularly. But in the meantime, we'll work with the time allotted and will continue to solicit your comments and concerns. Go to our About Us page to learn more, including how to contact us if you'd like to weigh in.

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