C is for Community- and the Crippled Crow.

C is for Community- and the Crippled Crow.

Sep 23 , 2020

Changing season, summer to fall, regardless early freeze, drought and wildfires putting color changes in the leaves out of the picture to a large extent, brings melancholy. At least to some of us. This year is no different. And may be even more poignant, as we look ahead to a holiday season that may exclude the traditional trips to get together with family for many of us. 

A couple weeks ago I looked out the kitchen window to see a crow in the backyard, hopping awkwardly. It was clear something was not quite right about those movements. My roommate confirmed he'd seen the crow a couple days earlier. I went outside with some bread crumbs, and the crow hopped into the space between our fence and the fence next door. It was a chilly early morning, and I felt bad, thinking of a lame crow taking shelter in a shaded space, instead of feeling free to sun in the backyard.

Over the next several days, though, the crow came to find our backyard that safe shelter during the day to lie in the sun, hop ever more awkwardly to drink from one of the dog dishes of water we keep filled on the lawn for birds to use as drinking fountain or bathtub, and eat the extra food we'd place out just for that one crow, after the others had left for the day.

But even sometimes when the rest of them flew off on their daily routines, one would stick around- a pal and a scout for the lame crow. And on occasion the whole murder would hang out with the crow who was unable to fly off with them. Of course at night they would go roost, and the crippled crow would find a shelter- at least once under bushes across the alley. Next morning, once the sun had risen into the backyard and the other birds had left for the day- except the pigeons waiting hopefully on the wires for an extra handout- the lame crow would appear to spend the day. I would notice before I left for work. 

Except last Friday the crow did not show. I left for work. My roommate returned from his job for lunch break and reported he had not seen the crow either. We have not seen the crippled crow since. I've been sad ever since, though the sadness is brightened some by knowing that we were able to provide a safe and warm and inviting day space, and that the crow did not suffer alone, with a friend on some days, and a bunch of friends on others. It was a caring, community effort to watch over and care for that one disabled crow.

Community. This is something many of us have missed over the last several months. Thankfully, this weekend we have a chance to connect as a celiac, gluten free, food allergic, and special diet community. Every year for the past several, Gem City Fine Foods has traveled to three Nourished Festivals (formerly GF&AF Expos) around the country. This year one by one they were cancelled because of Covid-19. But the fabulous team that puts together the in-person events has worked really hard lately to put together an online event, which will take place tomorrow through Saturday, September 24-26, from 11am to 7pm ET so we can all come together as a community! 

Please join! It's FREE! Go here to register: https://online.nourishedfestival.com/register

Those of us exhibiting have set up virtual booths that include photos, videos and info about our products and services- AND we are able to do live video streams and chats! Our first one is tomorrow. We'll take you on a quick trip through the bakery at 1pm ET/ 11am MT- followed by Live Chat from 2-3pm ET/ Noon-1 pm MT. We'll be back to do the same on Friday, in case you're involved in a class or some other festival treat at our live times tomorrow, and on Saturday we'll be extending our Live Chat time from 11-Noon ET/ 9-10am MT - Brunch Live Chat! Sit down with a tasty treat and talk with us! And if you're not a morning person, we'll be back from 3-5pm ET/ 1-3pm MT for Happy Hour Live Chat! Grab your favorite beverage and talk with us while we sip our own fave! And to make it truly a festival, we've got a coupon you can use in the store, a festival-exclusive online discount on our Holiday Collection items, and last but certainly not least- a giveaway of a sampler from our Holiday Collection to one lucky winner at the end of the weekend!

OK, now sadness is replaced by excitement to connect with the community again. Hope to see you there!


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