Big News is coming!

Big News is coming!

Aug 21 , 2020

We have big news to announce next week, so this will be short and sweet. TGIF, after all! 

I'm back from vacation, which was refreshing- time in the mountains, hiking, dipping toes in the cool water, watching the Perseid meteor showers overhead. I returned invigorated, and (sshhhh) actually came back to work early- last Friday. But this week was a big one of catch-up. If you check out our Events & Specials page, you'll see that our calendar is filling up again. Lots of virtual events- these days it's that new normal people kept wondering about. And there is a lot of prep work to do in advance, but -

Hey, just how does a virtual trade show work, you may ask? In fact, if you take a look at our line up for the next few weeks on Wednesday Lunch'N Watch Facebook Live stream (12:15 MT), you'll see we're planning to take you behind the scenes in mid-September. So don't miss out! We had a blast talking sustainability this week with Tim Colonnese, CEO of KTM Industries, our sustainable shipping materials supplier. If you missed that episode, you can catch it on our Facebook page or on Vimeo. Next Wednesday we'll share our big news on the live stream with our guest Andy of Pardon My Fork Podcast and will be giving away a back-to-school care package, including the latest beautiful issue of Simply Gluten Free & More magazine

Which brings me back to keeping this short. 

I've had several conversations with friends who are teachers preparing to return to the classroom, and parents who have had to make difficult decisions recently about sending the kids to school or keeping them home for now. My heart goes out to all who are nervous about what lies ahead with the advent of the school year. And to those who are affected by the blazing wildfires here in the West, my heart goes out to you as well.

Everyone, on that note, please be safe, help keep each other safe, and be kind. I'll leave you with a photo of the peace I found in the mountains last week, and wish peace to you over the weekend.

With continued commitment,


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