Autumn upon us: Trick or treat! It's about to freeze!

Autumn upon us: Trick or treat! It's about to freeze!

Oct 08 , 2019

Trick or treat? No, the weather really is predicted to turn on those of us in the central Rockies in a couple days. Below freezing temps, some snow, and well, it's autumn in the Rockies, right? We'll be ready! Plenty of coffee and tea- and dessert because... Have you ever noticed this time of year you want more sweets? We do!

What is your go-to autumn indulgence? It's OK, you can tell us! Ricky just admitted, "I think I'm a sugarholic," and last night Lisa, who normally prefers a few salty potato chips if anything for dessert, finished the healthy (and tasty!) stir fry she'd made for dinner and wondered, "Is there any chocolate in this house?" Her roommate had just the day before finished off a party size of our new chocolate sensation... Well, let's tell you about it:

Recent additions to our line include a Blueberry Lemon Loaf, a little teacake- something new for us- that tastes best heated a little in the microwave and sliced, with butter melted on top, and Lisa's dream come true, a Peppermint Chocolate Torte just in time for holidays! Our Baker Whitney has really nailed this one, maintaining the rich melt-in-your-mouth decadence of our award-winning Flourless Chocolate Torte with just the right of festive-feeling peppermint flavor and a swirl of glistening red or green white chocolate ganache on top. 

Both are available through our online store, along with seasonal favorites Pumpkin Cheesecake- a blend of beloved pumpkin spice flavor with creamy cheesecake- and our made-to-order-only Pumpkin Pie. All are certified gluten free. (We just received our most recent product certification list from GFCO this morning!) And both pumpkin desserts are on sale through the end of November. Just use the code PUMPKIN25 at check out. 

Back to autumn indulgences: If you're dying for that Pumpkin Cheesecake or think the Blueberry Lemon Loaf sounds yum, and are gearing up for colder weather and maybe a little fun at Halloween, we have a treat for you: We are giving away two Teal Pumpkin Packs. And there are a couple ways to win. First: What is a Teal Pumpkin Pack? It's a Teal Pumpkin Project trick-or-treat bucket, a Show Your Teal slouch beanie, and a selection of two of our individual sized Pumpkin Cheesecakes and a Blueberry Lemon Loaf. Here is how to enter the contest, which ends on October 15. (We want to get your treats to you so you can actually use that teal pumpkin this year!)

1. Every purchase in our online store until October 15 is automatically entered to win in a random drawing.

2. Share this blog post with a friend, and email us at before October 15 with the answer to this question: Teal was the wedding color of which of our team members (Rick, Lisa, Randy, Whitney, Dianna, Jann, Tysen, or DJ)? If you are correct, you will be entered in a second random drawing. (And if you want another entry, go to our Facebook page, scroll to the October 1 post that featured the same photo you see in this post, and follow the directions.)  

While you're poking around on our website (check out our photos on the About Us page to see if that helps you answer the question), take a look at our Events & Specials calendar. We have a bunch of demos coming up at our midwest Fresh Thyme stores, along with Love Local Day demos at two Salt Lake area Whole Foods stores this coming Saturday, and our friend Andy from Boost Booze & BBQs Pardon My Fork podcasts, and his lovely wife will be competing in the World Food Championships October 16-20 in Dallas. Wish them luck! 

And we'll be back once we warm up from the freeze!

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