An Apology and an Explanation

An Apology and an Explanation

Nov 25 , 2020

I am sorry. Every year I am on top of posting a reminder to order early for holidays because we don't ship during holiday weeks. This year I have Christmas - New Year holidays on my list, but I completely dropped the ball on Thanksgiving. There really is no excuse beyond the one we all seem to have these days: a lot of stress. I am sorry.

Last weekend someone emailed with a question about why our shipping prices are so high. It seems this would be a good opportunity for


When we sell our goodies online, they cost more than when you just walk into a store and purchase them. We work with four distributors, which purchase our dessert in cases on pallets and store them in a warehouse for further distribution to retail stores like Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and Fresh Thyme- where you can find them now. Shipping in such volume assures the freight charges are dispersed among more single desserts, so the desserts are less expensive when they get to the store than when we ship direct.

We are working on increasing the number of retail stores carrying our line so more people have more affordable access to our certified GF desserts. You can help, if you're interested, but letting your store manager know you would like to buy Gem City Fine Foods desserts in that store. (Once at a GF expo, I shared this information with someone who had enjoyed samples of our desserts. She looked at me and said, coldly, "You want me to do your job for you?" No. I am doing my job. I want you to make a request to your manager for YOU. Our little sales team cannot possibly reach every store shopped by every GF friend of ours. You can help YOU get our desserts by making a request that will benefit YOU. We are working on that, too. 

Meanwhile, you can order online in our store, but yes, it will cost more. Here is how it works: 

We offer our desserts online at a retail price that is slightly higher than our cost of goods. (We would have a pretty terrible business model if we gave them away, right? But we get as close as we can while still being able to employ our team that works to bring you certified gluten free, nut free desserts, and we hope, to continue to grow our business and become more accessible. We then add the cost of packaging that is recyclable and dry ice that will keep your desserts frozen in transit. So the retail price that you see online includes the cost of the goods we are shipping, the cost of the packaging to keep those goods in decent shape- and food safe- and a small profit.

When you shop online, your shipping is calculated at check out based on your location. We use only UPS. The reasons are that UPS we have found over the years to treat packages more carefully (do not ever assume that because you put a "This End Up" sticker on a box it will remain upright in transit!) and because it is the most affordable option. The more we save in shipping, the more savings we can pass on to you. 

Recently UPS updated its zoning map. This allows us to save many of our friends in some places more in shipping. Now we can ship Ground to locations farther away than we could before October. Our promise is that you will always get the most affordable shipping we can purchase to ship to your location frozen. 

Because we ship frozen, we ship early in the week, usually Monday afternoon. Your zone and your shipping charges are assigned according to how long it will take to get the package to you during that same week. You can imagine, especially in summer, what could happen if a frozen shipment sits in a truck or shipping center over a weekend. It is for this reason that we do not ship during holiday weeks, when we cannot guarantee shipping won't be disrupted and your package will arrive that same week. 

We know we have a hill to climb in comparison to other companies that ship dry mixes or otherwise temperature stable foods. It is much less expensive not only to ship, but to package those goods. But in comparison with other companies that ship frozen foods, we are very fair. I invite you to look around. Other companies may offer "free" shipping, but look at their retail prices. Remember, it would be a very poor business model for any company to simply give all the goods away. It is simply not sustainable. The company would go out of business.

If you have questions about our online store, our shipping practices, or our business, please be in touch. And if you aren't a regular at our Lunch'N Watch live stream on Wednesdays, here is an introduction to Green Cell Foam, the packaging material we use. (This is fun episode with KTM Industries's CEO Tim about sustainable business.)

You can always reach us at 801/746-4454 or Your question will be routed to the appropriate person to answer.

Again, I am sorry. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and remind you to order early for holidays. Remember, you can toss our goodies in the freezer until serving day arrives!


 Lisa Cox, CEO/ SVP Sales & Marketing


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