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Gem City Fine Foods

3403 S., 1400 W., Ste. C

West Valley City, UT 84119

(801) 746-4454

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  1. Hi Gem City!!

    I was really happy to get a super sweet looking GF cake from you, but I have no idea who ordered it?

    It didn’t include a card… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    GF Chocolate Torte..

    came to me at:
    Missy Buchanan
    1397 23rd Ave
    San Francisco CA 94122

    Any leads? Thanks for your help!


    • Hi, Missy. I just came across this message from you. I’m not sure who sent you the cake, but I am glad you liked it!
      Looks like someone ordered for you via Amazon.


  2. I recently discovered your products in Fresh Thyme in Ames, Iowa. So far I have tried only two of your gluten free products: a berry-topped cheesecake and a flourless chocolate cake. Both were excellent! Cheesecake that tastes like cheesecake! Yay! Growing up, our baked goods came from an excellent Dutch bakery or were made at home from scratch. Mom was a Master Farm Homemaker. After 7 years having to live gluten free, I still dream of “real” bakery goods. So when I praise you, I know what I am talking about (and tasting). Thank you! I look forward to trying more of your products.


    • Hi, Jean. Thanks so much for your kind review!
      We are offering a scan back coupon for 20% off at Fresh Thyme stores beginning mid-April. I hope you will visit your local store and take advantage of this deal. Also, remember we have a coupon available on the Specials page of the website, that can be printed out or scanned from your mobile phone.
      Just in case you happen to be traveling to the Schaumberg, IL, GFAF Expo this weekend, please come by to see us and try some of our other desserts. We’ll have samples and coupons and love talking with our celiac and GF friends in person!


  3. Hello –
    Do you offer private label?
    Thank you,
    Austin Cunningham


  4. Hi there – We are looking for a new flourless chocolate torte, and yours looks very good! Can you send pricing information and/or get in contact if you need more info? We are a gourmet food mail order company, so we pick up in bulk from your location. No drop ship. THank you!


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