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Nourished Festival Report

What a busy week we had last week, and what a rewarding weekend!

It was the first time the Nourished Festival (formerly GF&AF Expo) visited Salt Lake City, and though turnout was not as great as expected, this allowed us the chance to have in-depth real conversations with our celiac and gluten- and nut-free friends in the community. Thanks to everyone who turned out for the event! We will continue to travel around to Nourished Festivals in other parts of the country to check in with you all. We have become “regulars” in San Diego, Denver, Schaumberg (IL) and Dallas, so continue to look for our booth in the red nut-free zone at those events. Thanks to Jen and the crew for continuing to provide these opportunities to come together to procvide for the celiac, gluten sensitive and otherwise food allergic or special diet members of the community.

We also had a chance to catch up with other friends at the show. Thanks to Elisa of My Gluten Free World Expo, Lynn of Travel Gluten Free Podcast and Erica of Celiac and the Beast for stopping in to chat. We made some new friends: Shout out to Share Your Teal, who loved our vegan chocolate cupcakes, and who have a great line up of goods to help those with food allergies stay safe, and to the guys at Imaware, who were pricking fingers all day for celiac and rheumatoid arthritis testing at a great discount. Check them out if you wonder. They will be developing other tests, and you can get a home kit that returns your results just days after you send in your sample!

Remember to check out our Events and Specials page to see what’s coming up next, and if you are planning to attend the Nourished Festival in Denver or Schaumberg, see you there soon!

Lisa gets tested for celiac at the Nourished Festival, above.

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