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Think Spring.

Sitting in a hotel room in Athens, GA, looking out on an unseasonably cold day, it’s a challenge to believe the “think spring!” message of the latest issue of Simply Gluten Free Magazine, gearing up for our first National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) regional conference. But spring will come, just like every season does annually, weather or not. And spring brings renewal, including a direction we’ve discussed moving toward for a while at Gem City Fine Foods.

One article in this March/April issue of Simply Gluten Free discusses the rise of chronic illnesses among children, among them asthma and mental health conditions, which can impede daily life. The subject is not a new one to those who have suffered from celiac disease or related conditions. “Have suffered” is the operative term here. Modern medicine has made it easier to diagnose celiac disease and gluten sensitivy, which means though more people are being diagnosed, more people, some who have suffered for decades, can be treated so their symptoms ease and their lives improve- usually dramatically.

Which leads us to our directional shift. For many years we have done our best to provide a superior gluten free ready-made desserts to those who follow a gluten free diet through grocery stores and more recently online (now via both Amazon and through our own online store.) You can now buy a truly decadent and safe dessert anywhere in the continental US, and that includes those diners with peanut and tree nut allergies. But are we touching the lives of everyone we could?

Recognizing an increase in food allergies among younger people, and the concerns parents and care givers have in sending them off to school, where they may find themselves in a less controlled environment, we want to have your back. We’re excited about the direction so many colleges and universities are taking in making dining areas and experiences accessible and safe to students and staff with food allergies.

We’ve had the pleasure of talking with several food service representatives from various schools in the US and Canada over the past few months, and are really looking forward to our foray into the NACUFS world, not only to showcase our certified gluten free, nut free, and even Top 8 free desserts for food service, but to learn more about how nutrition is shaping up on campuses today. The more we learn, the more we can help you and yours eat well and safely.

Our mission remains to build Gem City Fine Foods as the premier provider of delicious gluten free desserts. This spring we advance our mission as we advance our new direction, looking forward to meeting with those who can help, and to serving you.

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