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More Research, More Firepower

I just ran across a feature in The Scientist Magazine from June 2017: The Celiac Surge. We are often frustrated in the search for recent statistics on celiac prevalence, with the most common numbers thrown out there being 1 in 133 people in the US diagnosed, or about 1% of the population, and another 3 million thought to be gluten sensitive. But these figures are more than a decade old- and seem low to those of us who provide gluten free options for the consumer.

So I was please to read this article, even though it’s nearly two years old, in which a study across a Denver area group, extrapolated to fit the general population, found the prevalence of celiac disease to be closer to 3% of people by age 15.

I don’t mean it was pleasing to learn that there are actually a higher number of people afflicted with celiac, according to this study, but that research continues to grow to support the fact that celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are REAL. Sadly, too many people still scoff at the notion, and as a result, those who suffer are not taken seriously and not only are deprived of good gluten free food choices, but are placed at risk of being exposed to gluten in dining situations in which the condition is neglected.

Below is a link to the article mentioned here. And I encourage those of you who have been diagnosed or suspect you are celiac or gluten sensitive to take advantage of the resources that exist to help you navigate. For instance, the Celiac Disease Foundation offers a free Symptoms Assessment Tool, links to clinical trials, and more. There are organizations and people who support those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, and the more research, the more information that becomes available, the more ammunition we have in the battle to make the celiac and gluten sensitive- and other food allergic- voice heard.

With respect and commitment,

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