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Survey Says…

Thanks to everyone who completed our recent short survey asking how we can better serve our customers.

The results were not only very interesting, but extremely helpful to us as we enter a new year and polish up our goals.

Here are some highlights:
– Nearly a third order our products online.
o You may be happy to hear that you can now order directly from our website. Just go to and click on the link in the right hand side bar. Check occasionally for in-house specials that you won’t find on Amazon.

– More than 15% have purchased our desserts at Costco.
o While we wait for the next round, if you are local to the SLC/ West Valley City, UT area, our next bakery sale will be held on Friday, February 8, from 8am to 4pm at our bakery location. Wholesale cases at wholesale prices.

– Nearly 2/3 prefer that shipping be included in the price when ordering online.
o Thank you for this feedback! We had considered listing items at retail price and then adding shipping for each order, but your overwhelming preference for the way we do it now has solidified our commitment to keeping the current system in place.

– Not surprisingly, the biggest concern in ordering online is price.
o Be assured we are committed to keeping prices as low as we can while still shipping in a way that gets the product to you in good shape, frozen or cold – the second largest concern among respondents. We will do our best to lower prices over time, with online success.

– Most are willing to pay more for certified gluten free but would like to see prices more affordable.
o We agree! We’ll continue to do our best to bring a high quality dessert at the most affordable price we can manage. We would love to see gluten free across the board be more affordable as more people realize the importance of gluten free to so many.

– Nearly half of respondents are celiac or gluten sensitive. And another 30% eat gluten free because they feel better.
o This response is so important, as we go into the field and share the value with retail and food service buyers, distributors and others in the food industry, as well as on social media and in public engagements, part of our mission to help others understand celiac, gluten sensitivity and food allergies.
* An example recent interview in which we get the word out:
o Nearly 20% have a friend or family member who’s gluten free and eat gluten free in solidarity (thank you for supporting your loved ones!), and gee, more than 5% don’t eat gluten free but just love our desserts (thank you for trying us and loving us!)

– When asked about sustainability, more than half appreciate our clean, chemical-free ingredients, and even more prefer organic or non-GMO.
o And there are quite a few die hard dessert lovers out there who just don’t care!

– More than 20% are all about local, and another 20% want to know the supplier reduces its facility footprint.
o As happy Utah’s Own members who recently implemented several footprint-reducing measures including replacing Styrofoam with green-cell foam packaging for all our online sales and sample shipments and putting a water cooler with direct line in the breakroom and replacing bottled water with reusable metal water bottles for our employees, we say, “Stick around and see what comes next!”

– And here is the big one: Nearly half of respondents would like to see a Chocolate Caramel Swirl Cheesecake next- more than twice as many responses as to any other item on the list.
o So you will get it! We have moved this dessert to the top of our product development list, with plans to release before April!

– Last, many were not sure they will be able to attend any of our demos or expo events this year. Please do keep an eye on our website Events and Expos page, though, just in case…

We always welcome feedback that can help us make a bigger and better difference to those who are celiac, gluten sensitive, food allergic, or just love dessert, and their friends and families. Please visit our website to find contact information for the person at Gem City who can answer your questions and concerns.

Thanks again to all survey respondents, and CONGRATULATIONS to our survey winner of a 4-pack of Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes, Angela Thomas!

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