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Sweet Dessert

Don’t tell our owner, but I got him a book called Sweet Invention: A History of Dessert for his birthday, which falls on January 11. (Don’t worry; he won’t likely read this blog post and find out for himself.) The book, by Michael Krondl, inspired me to finally fight through writer’s block, sit down and write a new post for you all.

It’s sweet and luscious: dessert.

Krondl explains right off the bat: People love sweets. He posits, “While the liking for sweetness is undoubtedly evolutionary in origin, dessert is a purely cultural phenomenon. From a biological standpoint, dessert is frivolous, unnecessary, and even harmful in excess, yet that’s precisely why it’s interesting. When you talk about dessert you step away from analyzing basic human needs to a conversation about culture.” And he goes on to reveal desserts as cultural phenomena, from an historical perspective- after reminding us that we humans are hardwired to like sweetness. After all, “the body is no more than a chemical processing unit that runs on water, oxygen and sugar,” he reports in simple terms.


While it’s true that desserts are often vilified as unhealthy, and in excess can be, a regular little dose of sweetness can boost the mood, and desserts in moderation have other benefits as well. Chocolate can lower blood pressure. A small slice of cake can help curb cravings. And many sources agree that reaching for a dessert when watching weight can help people be more mindful of what they are eating, as they enjoy that little treat.

Top of the list on Nation’s Restaurant News food trend predictions for 2019 are desserts with a “better-for-you spin.” Examples: sweetened and chocolate hummus and ice cream with an olive oil drizzle. I’ll stick to more traditional sweets when I do eat dessert (which isn’t often, fortunately for me, working in the business!)

Wherever you stand on the dessert issue: Good in moderation or bad bad bad, homemade decadence or cutting edge superfood-infused, we remind those of you who are celiac, gluten sensitive, nut-allergic or vegan, whether by choice or because of food allergies, Gem City Fine Foods will continue to accommodate your sweet tooth in 2019 with rich, top quality frozen desserts made from clean ingredients and certified gluten free, made in a dedicated gluten- and nut-free bakery. New for online purchase are a four-pack of Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes (look for them in stores and cafeterias as we move along), and we are close to finishing the Red Velvet Cake many of you have requested. In honor of the healthier dessert trend, we are also working on a fiber rich Carrot Cupcake, and by next holiday season you will see our award-winning Flourless Chocolate Torte with a flavor twist!

Stick with us in the new year, be in touch with your wishes, and we look forward to visiting with many of you during the year as we participate in another full calendar of expos and trade shows. And if you run into Owner Rick or me and want to borrow that book, just let us know. If we’re done with it (yes, I did have an ulterior motive for buying it for his birthday), he’ll be happy to pass it along.

Cheers to a new year!

Lisa, CEO/Sales and Marketing Manager

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