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Shelf Life

What does product shelf life mean? It’s the amount of time that a product can be stored safely, so the consumer can use it safely. In the case of our frozen desserts, there are two shelf lives we consider: both stored in the freezer, and stored in the refrigerator after thawing.

We are pleased to announce that lab results for recent shelf life testing on our torte, cakes and cheesecakes have revealed that we can update our shelf life as follows: one year in frozen and 4 weeks in the refrigerator. So you, the customer, can store our desserts longer than we had previously list, without worrying about either yeast or mold developing.

Some safety tips, before you just toss that cheesecake into the fridge and forget about it for a month:
– As soon as an item thaws, it can begin acquiring microbes that increase until the food changes looks, flavor and texture, so err on the side of safety if you purchase from the refrigerator case at the store, and don’t stretch that fridge time at home all the way to four weeks.
– This applies as well to items you buy on Amazon that arrive cold but not frozen. (We are working with Perishable Shipping Solutions to reduce this concern, so that most if not all our items purchased online arrive at your address frozen.)
– If you buy our desserts from the freezer at the store, or if an online purchase does arrive frozen, know that thawing and refreezing can offer an opportunity for microbes to be introduced. Over time, or repeated thawings and refreezings, these can multiply and affect looks, texture, and flavor of the dessert.
– Please remember to store leftover thawed product in the fridge. Our desserts are made of quality ingredients, without added chemicals to preserve them, and are not intended to remain out on the counter where microbes can affect them.

If you have questions about shelf life, or about the ingredients and shelf life of our desserts, please be in touch. We’ll be happy to help you get satisfactory answers!

The photo below shows lot number on top, which would assist us in tracking any product in the event of a food safety issue, and date stamp underneath, which shows the freezer shelf life expiration date. 


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